The new LoRaWAN Node is alive!


Last week I found some time to assemble and test my new LoRaWAN Node and here’s the result.

TvB LoRaWAN Node - Front viewFeatures of the new board:

  • Only 25 mm x 40 mm!
  • Low power Atmega1284p microcontroller (Arduino compatible, incl. bootloader & library)
  • Standard JST battery connector
  • Onboard single cell li-ion / polymer battery charger with charge status LED (charging from USB programmer or solar panel)
  • Onboard 3.3V LDO regulator with protection circuit
  • Battery voltage measurement
  • Breadboard compatible headers
  • Reset button
  • RGB led
  • Extra blue led for RX/TX activity (default color, can be changed on request)
  • Full FTDI programming header
  • U.FL & SMA antenna connectors
  • LoRaWAN:
    • Support for Microchip RN2483 & RN2903 LoRaWAN modules
    • Support for HopeRF RFM9X LoRa modules

The best part of this module is that the LoRaWAN module can be chosen.
I’ve added support for both modules on the same board!
TvB LoRaWAN Node - Back view

This Node is a perfect starting base for most of my LoRaWAN projects. It’s the same size as the recent Sodaq LoRaONE and a whole lot cheaper! (But there’s no fancy GPS or accelerometer).

More details, info, .. can be found in this new post:




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